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CC19: Andreas Folkvord

Andreas holds the position of Managing Partner in TrueNorth Consulting, - a company which has been involved with 16 of the 20 biggest Norwegian companies.

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Andreas Folkvord holds the position of Managing Partner in TrueNorth Consulting, a new company with great experience - a company that can show for more then 25 years of experience helping leading, global companies achieve their targets.

TrueNorth has very specific expertise within training of salespeople, operative leaders, persuasive communication and building high performance teams. TrueNorth is, or has been involved with 16 of the 20 biggest Norwegian companies. 

Before starting his career in TrueNorth, Folkvord was Director, asset management and leasing for Sektor Eiendomsutvikling. Sektor is one of the two leading players in the Norwegian shopping mall industry, owning around 20 medium to big size shopping-malls across the country. Folkvord was leading 10 leasing managers, and responsible for the total income side of Sektor. The company had a revenue of 1,3 MRD NOK in 2012. 

Prior to entering the real-estate business, Folkvord spent 3,5 years in the finance industry as Director, financial advisory in Optimum ASA, the oldest independent wealth management company in Norway. Optimum works exclusively with owners, leaders, partners and family office. Folkvord was responsible for 65 advisors, 7 sales managers and 7 offices in Norway and Sweden, as well as the complete income side of Optimum. 

Formerly employed as Partner in the global consultant company Mercuri International where he worked with sales- and leadership development. Among his customers where small and medium size companies, as well as international brands. He gained a broad international experience working all across Europe, USA, the Middle East and South East Asia. At the age of 30, Folkvord was the youngest partner in Mercuri’s worldwide network of consultants.  

Before going to Mercuri International, Folkvord built his career as a consultant in the highly specialized company Moe & Partners where he started as a junior consultant at the age of 23. Already at 26 he was a senior consultant working globally, and at 28 he became a Partner in Moe & Partners.
Folkvord holds a Masters degree in Marketing and Management from the Norwegian School of Business (NMH)

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